FIFA 14 Details Announced

It’s that time of the year again and as per usual EA Sports have announced FIFA 14, the next game in the annual series of football games.

As the game has only just been announced the details of the game are still hit and miss, but I shall cover what EA themselves have detailed.

There are a few main features of the engine that EA want to boast about as much as they can, these are pure shot, protect the ball and real ball physics.

Pure shot is probably the feature which EA will put forward as their strongest hand so let’s take a look at it. As usual with EA they like to compare their game to real football for reasons which are beyond me, the games nothing like the real thing, but we won’t let that get in the way. The new pure shot feature goes hand in hand with real ball physics, these are supposed to make the shooting and general movement of the ball more authentic, hopefully this means it will be a lot harder to score, with a miss hit sending the ball into row Z. Real ball physics sounds like a really solid feature for the game to have, that’s if it lives up to EA’s description, it’s been far too easy to pass the ball around freely and score with ease on FIFA, but real ball physics will hopefully change this. The player will be able to experience the feel of their players being off balance, or out of position and when a pass is too powerful or not powerful enough the player will suffer as a result. Check out the video below of EA showing off real ball physics and pure shot.

Some of the other features include protect the ball which should allow the player to stand more of a chance keeping the ball at their feet whereas in previous FIFA titles once a tackle came in on you the ball would be out of your reach. There have been other game-mode changes announced such as the new scouting options in career mode but they are just general improvements rather than new features, once more details emerge I shall cover them in a follow up article, but for now enjoy the last few months of FIFA 13 being the best football game available.


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