Vettel Dominates Bahrain Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel has easily won the controversial Bahrain Grand Prix with a dominant display in his Red Bull car.

From the start of the race Vettel was trying to charge up the field into 1st and managed to get past Alonso into 2nd in the first lap, then in the following two laps he put the pressure on pole man Nico Rosberg and did eventually pass the Mercedes driver. From then on it was easy for Vettel, he controlled the race well and pulled out such a great lead that his pit stops were relieved of some pressure and he could carry on in 1st with ease.

Elsewhere in the race, Britain’s Paul Di Resta started the day in 5th and by the first corner he was already up to 4th and that would turn out to be his final position after not being able to match the speed of Grosjean in the Lotus towards the end of the race.

The other Lotus driver Kimmi Raikkonen started the race in 8th but a cool display by the ice man meant he finished the race in a wonderful 2nd position. An early DRS problem for Fernando Alonso meant his race was over before it had really begun, but a strong show from the Spaniard allowed him to finish in 8th and pick up some vital points.

Lewis Hamilton finished behind Paul Di Resta in 5th, Mark Webber finished 7th, and pole sitter Nico Rosberg ended the race in 9th.


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