Manchester United: Champions of England for the 20th Time!

Last night in a floodlit Old Trafford, it was a Robin Van Persie showcase as the Dutchman scored a wonderful hat-trick to seal the Premier League trophy for Manchester United . The first of his goals was a simple tap in from a yard out, but in the build up Wayne Rooney picked out an inch perfect pass to Valencia, and Rooney was on hand for an assist on the second goal too, a 50 yard pass which Van Persie took across his body and hit on the volley to send it flying into the goal. The third goal came courtesy of United legend Ryan Giggs, who selflessly passed to Van Persie when he could have had a shot himself. A Premier League winning hat-trick in just 30 minutes of the start of the game.

For much of the second half it was a case of keeping the ball and controlling the game for United, the ever faithful fans singing their hearts out waiting for the final whistle and when it did the come the place erupted with happiness. For many of the players this was their first league title, and you could tell how magical it was for them. Unfortunately the Premier League trophy wasn’t able to attend due to the fact it gets presented after the final home game, but that didn’t stop the celebrations, a fan even throwing a fake arm onto the pitch which Patrice Evra picked up and mocked enemy Suarez with a nibble on the fake arm.

It was another magical night for Manchester United, the club itself, the players, the manager, the staff, the fans, everyone involved with the club has something to celebrate.

The season isn’t over yet though, Manchester Untied still have a points record to try and beat to really put the cherry on the cake.

What are your thoughts on the game and the season so far?


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