Playstation 4 vs Xbox 720, Has the Battle Been Won Already?

Looking at both these consoles as a neutral gamer, I’ve had both an Xbox 360 and PS3, I have already made my mind up which console I’d prefer, and Microsoft haven’t even ‘officially’ unveiled their next-gen console, allow me to explain.

When I owned an Xbox 360, I absolutely detested the fact that every year I had to fork out £40 just so I could use the full online features of the console and the games I had, whereas since I brought my PS3 I’ve never been unhappy with the service they’ve provided, why? Because it’s FREE!

Now before you insist I think the PS3 is a better console, both of them have major downsides, but I would prefer to own a PS3 than an Xbox 360, and I would already prefer to own a PS4 rather than whatever Microsoft are going to throw at us. Sony’s next-gen console already looks like a solid gaming platform, it’s essentially a gaming PC which is great, it has 8gb of GDDR5  memory for one, which will be blindingly fast. But aside from the software they’ve actually made innovations to their console, the new Dualshock 4 controller looks good, no major differences to the usual Playstation controller, but it’s a big step forward. For example the light bar which is now on the controller, if you’re playing split screen with someone and you change position in the room for some reason, the console will know and will change the split screen ordering as needed! That’s an amazing feature! The controller also has a touchscreen which I’m not too convinced about yet, but I’m sure once the console is released the touchscreen will be at it’s full potential, the controller also has a speaker, which again may seem like an unimportant little thing but it will make a difference. And then there’s the share button, all console gamers that do YouTube videos will love this, a simple button that will instantly start recording your game-play for you to share with all your friends or the entire world.

Enough about the awesome controller, the consoles themselves may be evenly matched in terms of specs, but the user interface (UI) will be massively different. Already we’ve seen the new social network aspect to the new PS4’s UI, but what are Microsoft going to do, and how much will it cost? Well if reports from Paul Thurrott are correct, and they have been so far, the next Xbox will come in two types, the higher end model will cost around $499 (£323), but if that’s too much for you then maybe you’ll consider the lower end version which comes in at $299 (£193), a fairly reasonable price, right? Wrong! The lower end version will come with a contract, yes, a contract! This will be a two year addition to the above price and will set you back $10 (£6.50) a month! All in all the lower end version will cost you $539 (£349)! So Microsoft will be selling two consoles, a higher end one, and a lower end one that comes fixed with a two year contract to Xbox Live, and the lower end model will cost you more. Where is the logic from Microsoft? I mean come on, you can’t have a lower priced console if it will cost more than the higher end one! You buffoons.

So, with all that ridiculous information to hand, which console is more appealing to you at this moment in time? Let us know in the comments and our conversations on Facebook and Twitter.


2 responses to “Playstation 4 vs Xbox 720, Has the Battle Been Won Already?

  1. I’m leaning more toward PS4 at the moment as well but this is mainly down to speculation on what the neXtBox will be, it’s all basically guess work at the moment and one of the reasons microsoft have always been successful lies in their ability to adapt to what the audience wants and needs. I think a lot of people could have their heads turned by Sony at the moment and Microsoft will be doing their utmost to bring those folk back to xbox with the upcoming reveal.

    Watch this space

    • I definitely think if the reports from Paul Thurrott are true, then it could be the end of Microsoft in the console market, and as he’s been right so far it’s going to be interesting to see what they announce.

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