Call of Duty Ghosts Is Unveiled

It’s official! The next call of duty title will be called ghosts and will be released on November 5th later this year. The game was first seen on Tesco’s website after they accidentally posted the games information, but then it also appeared on a GameStop poster showcasing the upcoming game. Really it’s been a horrible announcement as far as Activision are concerned, they would have wanted the game to stay a secret until they were ready to unveil it but that’s not how it panned out.

The trailer below also clearly states that it will be a next-gen console launch title, saying that we’ll be able to see more of the game at Microsofts May 21st announcement, which also leads us to believe that the next Xbox will be released in November.

As usual with call of duty trailers, there’s a lot of beating around the bush and they don’t really get to the point, but seeing as though it’s just a teaser trailer, I will let them off.

The press release for Call of Duty Ghosts states that the game will be set in the future, but will “utilize current technology and weapons in line with a ‘major plot event’.” Not a lot else has been said at this early stage in the announcement of the game, but when it does I will cover all the possible aspects.

I really hope Activision do something good with this game, I’ve been fed up with the last few Call of Duty releases and I will not waste my money on this game unless it has improved dramatically. It’s about time they put usable vehicles in the game, not RC cars. It’s also time for a new engine to be developed for the game, since call of duty 4 the engine has remained the same despite a few tweaks here and there, and it’s meant that each game after that has just been a ¬£50 map pack.

It’s fair to say I have big doubts about Call of Duty Ghosts, but as it’s being made for the next generation of consoles I’m quietly confident there will be a great Call of Duty game again, the first in years.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments, also join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


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