Top 5 Games To Look Out For This Year

It’s coming up to that time of the year when the big game developers like to announce their games at events like E3, but there are already some great looking games announced and I cannot wait to try some of them.


Well GRID is near release but I still think it’s worthy of this list, it is set to be a great game and a perfect follow up to the original BAFTA award winning title. New cars, lots and lots of new cars, new tracks, new game engine, new everything! If you are unsure about this choice or want more information about the game then have a read over my full feature of it here.

Grand Theft Auto V

Of course I had to include GTA V in this list, it’s still very early in terms of it’s release schedule but we’ve had a lot of information about it recently, especially when a few lucky people of the press got a chance to go to Rockstar’s studio to have a full demo of the game. They gave us a lot of details, the enormous map which is said to be bigger than San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption combined, they also told us that you can now switch between characters rather than being stuck to just one. There’s also diving options, hunting and a much more immersive open world experience all together.

Rainbow Six Patriots

There’s not too much information about this game yet, the release date is still scheduled for this year but that’s it, no estimated month, but hopefully it will be released around November time. What we have seen of this game looks amazing, though. The trailer showing off the start of the campaign really got me gripped while watching it, and with every good game there’s a touch of controversy about the ‘terrorist’ aspect, who are trying to make America a better place by taking on the government in an aggressive way. Check out the trailer below and see what you think.


Well a new FIFA title is released every year but I think it deserves a place on this here list, I’m really hoping that EA step up their game because every year we get a new game thrown at us with a ridiculous price tag and then a few months in they need to make changes to the game due to the constant stream of complaints. The new features of the game which have been shown to us do look good and hopefully they work as EA says they do, but we’ll just have to wait and see on that one. If you want to know more about FIFA 14 then read my article about it here.

Call of Duty Ghosts

This is another game that is released every year, but it looks like it will be a new game, not another Modern Warfare which we do not need. Activision haven’t told us much at all, but the trailer they released points towards a next-gen console launch title, which should mean that they have had to develop a much better game for the newer hardware available to them, but we’ll wait and see.

If there is any games you think deserves a spot on the list please tell us in the comments below and join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


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