Gig Review: Bring Me The Horizon @ The Portsmouth Pyramids

Whether you love or despise Bring Me The Horizon there is no denying that they have almost quadrupled in size and fame after the release of their new album “Sempiternal” this year. Personally, I had never been to sure about them, but after listening to Sempiternal and re-listening to their previous albums rekindled my liking for them. So, when I saw that they were on tour and had a date at the Portsmouth Pyramids I just had to get tickets.

I had heard mixed reviews about Bring Me The Horizon’s live performances; most were negative, which kind of didn’t help me to prepare myself for what was probably the most energetic and one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.

Bring Me The Horizon opened the show with Shadow Moses, which got the crowd erupting with the lyrics as Oli Sykes emerged from the side of the stage. It was a great song to start the set on, being the first single that they released separately from that album. It was definitely the song that started the massive and well deserved hype for Sempiternal. They then went on to play a Bring Me The Horizon classic “Chelsea Smile” followed by “Alligator Blood” and “Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake” which is probably my favourite “fuck you” song of all time. They proceeded to play a mixture of songs from Sempiternal and their old albums, including a scene kid’s favourite “Diamond’s Aren’t Forever”.

They played the controversial “Antivist” as their 11th song which caused most of the crowd to form a pretty rough wall of death as they knew the set was coming to an end.

Typically after the band had walked off stage before their encore the crowd started chanting “one more song” and got what they wanted when they re-emerged, playing “Sleepwalking” as a brilliant send off.

Overall it was a brilliant gig and the band performed awesomely. Despite hearing bad things about Oli’s live vocals from people before I thought for the amount of strain that has to be put on his voice daily he put on a great show. The only thing that could have improved the gig was a little more interaction from the band, really, but I hope to see them again someday.


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