Premier League News Round Up

Well well well, it has been a manic week in the Barclays Premier League, and it all started a week ago today, when Sir Alex Ferguson announced he will be retiring as Manchester United Manager at the end of the season.

Of course the Sir Alex news was the main point of everything, the United manager of 26 years, he has been a global icon of football and many people, such as myself, only know Manchester United with him as a manager. I am confident in David Moyes and rightly so, he has done wonderful things at Everton in the last 10 years, pushing for Champions League spots with a team that has been put together on a tiny budget is a great achievement. If Moyes is given some money to spend in the summer I think he will use it to bring in some of his former Everton players, obviously if they want to. But the likes of Fellani who is out of contract in the summer could make the move to Old Trafford. Unfortunately as the champions, Manchester United have been celebrating over the last week, the media has had a field day with the Wayne Rooney situation, which is quite disappointing if I’m honest. The team, which includes Rooney have just been crowned Premier League champions for a record 20th time and they want to celebrate with their fans, yet the papers in particular just want to make up stupid rumors to bring uncertainty to the club as a whole. Just this morning they’ve been saying that now Sir Alex Ferguson is leaving Manchester United and David Moyes is coming in, Rooney has said he wants to stay, and it’s not the first story they’ve made up. Last week the papers also made up that Wayne Rooney had deleted ‘Manchester United FC’ from his twitter bio, when in fact he had never even had it there, which begs the question, how on earth are they allowed to publish such rubbish? but we’ll leave that for another time!

United’s noisy neighbors, Manchester City lost the FA Cup final on the weekend and as a result Roberto Mancini got the sack, another ridiculous decision, he didn’t win any trophies this year so he isn’t fit for the job anymore, that’s essentially what they mean. What now for City? Personally I thought Mancini did a great job at City, so what he didn’t win anything this year, it’s been a very tough season for all, but that’s football, you can’t win something every year, it’s just not possible, and Manchester City had final transformed into a stable club, it was all there, and now they have to rebuild with a new manger.

Aside from the big teams at the top of the league, it’s been a mixed week for Wigan Athletic, an incredible achievement by them to win the FA Cup on the weekend, but as of last night they are officially relegated and will be playing in the Championship next season after 8 years at the top. It’s sad to see a team like Wigan go down, they’re always such a joy to watch and are the great escape artists of the Premier League, but this time it was just too much for them, I hope they come back up soon, but at least they’ll have their FA Cup to show off.

A quick non Premier League related bit of news, Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has called time on his international career with England, a sad announcement but with good reasoning, Rio understands the importance of getting the young players on the pitch, and with his spot now open it gives more a chance to play.

Time for some Chelsea news, they have their Champions League spot for next season secured and play in the Europa League final tonight against Benfica, so why is Rafa Benitez not getting the praise he deserves from the fans? He has turned their season around and still people want him out, there doesn’t seem to be any logic. I also have a question for any Chelsea fans who read this, if you win tonight that’s two consecutive European trophies, are you happy with that or is it not as important to you as a top spot in the Premier League?

It’s been a busy week for the Premier League and it’s teams, and the summer looks set to be the same, fingers crossed on some exciting announcements.

If you have any thoughts on the topics covered above, let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


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